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We have worked with Sarah for a considerable time and when she moved to Pure, we felt the move was right for us.

The wonderful thing about Pure is the backup that is on offer. Whether we need advice on our accounts, salaries or pensions, they are always there to help us out. If I ever really need assistance with anything, I can just phone them up and they are there on the other end of the line to help.

I do not have to keep bugging them and asking around for advice, they get back to me quickly, and if there is something that they do not immediately know, then they take the time to find the right advice for me. When we had to set up workplace pensions their support and advice were invaluable. They were with us every step of the way to get everything arranged, which made the entire process much easier. Sarah and the rest of the team at Pure are very friendly and always willing to help. That is why we have recommended the firm to others and would not hesitate to do so again.

Sheila Tapsell

Bates Roofing



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