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Making being in business better - pure and simple

Running a business can be tough and isolating. We understand the challenges of managing time and wondering if your efforts are paying off. That's where we come in to make your business journey smoother.

Pure stands out with 25 years of commercial experience from our Finance Director, Lee Perriam, and fellow Director Sarah Sharman-Watts. Founded in 2011, we bring a unique approach that reflects real-world business needs. While we handle accounting and tax matters like other firms, we go further. Our goal is to support you throughout the year, aligning our services with your goals while you focus on your core business and customer service.

Let's chat informally about how we can help your business, you can book an appointment or explore our range of services.

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Pure - Making being in business better

Our own first-hand experience of running and building businesses means we understand the number one priority is to help you remove as many blockages as possible.

What if… your accountant connected with you properly, to really understand what you’re trying to achieve?

What if… your accountant really collaborated with you to help achieve those goals.

What if… you could transform your business by working with someone who really understands what it’s like?

By doing so, you have time to do more of what you’re good at – and reconnect with the reason why you went into business in the first place.

Our experience in building businesses means we’ve experienced the same pain as you. But that also means we understand how to fix these challenges and make sure your business works for you, not the other way round.

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Struggling with your book-keeping after work?

Getting your weekends back to spend with the family by handing over your back office admin - wouldn't that make being in business better?

Running your own payroll and trying to keep up with ever-changing employment regulations?

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Cancelling meals out with friends or missing family time because you just realised at the last minute that your VAT return is due?

Outsourcing your payroll and freeing up in-house resources to deal with client-facing tasks instead - wouldn't that make being in business better?

Go out and enjoy some well-earned, guilt-free R&R knowing that this is being handled by a VAT expert who will send everything off to HRMC on time - wouldn't that make being in business better? 

Time is too precious to work silly hours.

Rather than enduring restless nights worrying about the piles of admin you need to deal with, let us take the strain.  You’ll think sharper after a decent sleep and can focus on growing your business, customer service and cutting costs while we help you pay less tax. 

There is a better way to run a successful business.
How? Get help from the experts!

Pure – we make being in business better.

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Kind Words

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We have worked with Sarah for a considerable time and when she moved to Pure, we felt the move was right for us.

The wonderful thing about Pure is the backup that is on offer. Whether we need advice on our accounts, salaries or pensions, they are always there to help us out. If I ever really need assistance with anything, I can just phone them up and they are there on the other end of the line to help.

I do not have to keep bugging them and asking around for advice, they get back to me quickly, and if there is something that they do not immediately know, then they take the time to find the right advice for me. When we had to set up workplace pensions their support and advice were invaluable. They were with us every step of the way to get everything arranged, which made the entire process much easier. Sarah and the rest of the team at Pure are very friendly and always willing to help. That is why we have recommended the firm to others and would not hesitate to do so again.

Sheila Tapsell

Bates Roofing

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